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At Atlas & Ember the mission is simple: to serve clients and their families on the most important days of their lives - specifically their wedding day.

Through helpful resources, one-on-one planning meetings, styling guides, and more, the hope is to inspire you. Browse beautiful images, check out helpful tools and guides on the blog, and make this special season of planning stress-free and meaningful.


Meet Bree

Hey there! My name is Breanna, but all my friends call me Bree. I am a certified wedding planner, space stylist, & author, but also an iced-latte drinker and thrift shopping enthusiast.

After helping with my first wedding when I was only 18 years old, I was hooked. The fun energy, the fast-paced environment, and the beautiful details were incredible. But what made me so fired up about making this my career was seeing the tangible way I was able to make a difference - by serving the couple and their families on the most important day of their lives.

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The main goals at Atlas & Ember:


To inspire you with beautiful ideas, helpful blog posts, and DIY projects that you can incorporate into your wedding.


To serve and plan with brides who are Virginia based and beyond.


To stay up to date on trends and ideas in the wedding industry to provide you with fresh ideas and customized weddings.


To implement concepts of culture, experience, technology, customization, and sustainability to tell your unique love story and highlight your values through your wedding.


“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”

Lao Tzu



Atlas & Ember was a dream founded in a university dorm room and executed through years of seminars, education opportunities, and in countless wedding venues across the state of Virginia.

The name “Atlas & Ember” was named with a purpose:

  • The word “atlas” typically refers to a collection of maps which are used as a guide or resource by those who are traveling and need guidance. The hope is that Atlas & Ember can be your guide and provide you with resources as you navigate this season of your life.

  • An “ember” is a glowing spark, usually right before a fire lights. The ultimate goal is to use this planning time to highlight and celebrate all the “sparks of love” that make up your unique love story.

I decided to chase my dreams and passion of becoming a wedding planner and stylist starting in 2016. My first steps included becoming a Certified Wedding Planner through the nation’s leading wedding planning certification course - The Bridal Society.

Through this community, I have access to national wedding leaders and a strong community, as well as professional development opportunities and vendor networking collaborations with wedding leaders such as Kleinfeld Bridal Party and Minted Stationery.

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